About this project

The main concept behind Ekol School of Arts is the meeting of civilisations where hundreds of folkdance figures and music from different regions of Turkey meet. Founded and produced by Hacer and Ozcan Yildirim, Ekol School of Arts aims to introduce to Australia, the finest, ancient mosaic of cultural history and peace of Anatolia.

Like many small businesses, Ekol School of Art are family owned and run from home. In addition to an online presence, they have engaged TMG Studios to assist  in the production of their various events through system implementations and integrations. Our ongoing work with Ekol is predominantly based on automating a lot of the managerial tasks so that the team can commit their focus into designing, preparing and presenting their cultural art events throughout the year.

One aspect of our continued work with Ekol includes the music editing & production of their live performances. Our job is to help Ekol bring their vision to life through the power of sound. Whether it’s creating an original track from scratch, or editing and producing an existing piece of music, our goal is to help Ekol create something that accurately represents their vision and resonates with their audience.

We’ve had the privilege of working with Ekol to create custom music for their dance theatre production. We listened to Ekol, discussing their goals, then worked with them to develop a concept for the custom music. To achieve this, we experimented with different sounds, tempos, and arrangements, finding a combination that worked.