As a technology consultancy, one of our core services is helping businesses implement and optimise new technology solutions. We had the opportunity to work with Telstra who were looking to upgrade their customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Telstra was using an outdated system that was no longer meeting their needs, and they wanted a more modern, functional, and scalable solution.

Our team worked closely with Telstra to understand their requirements and select the best CRM platform for their needs. We ultimately recommended a leading solution known for its ease of use, scalability, and integration capabilities.

The next step was to implement the new CRM platform and integrate it with existing systems. To achieve this, we employed a phased approach, testing and verifying each step of the integration process before proceeding, regularly sharing progress updates and getting feedback to ensure that the end result met their expectations.

This was complex as we needed to ensure that the integration was seamless and that the new platform would maintain all of the functionality of the old system. One of the biggest challenges we faced during the project was ensuring the seamless integration of the new CRM platform with existing systems. We wanted to make sure that the transition was as smooth as possible, with minimal downtime and disruption to standard operations.

To achieve this, we employed a series of best practices, including using APIs and webhooks to integrate the new platform with Telstra’s existing systems. This allowed us to automate many of the integration tasks and ensure that the new platform was able to access and utilise the data and functionality of the old system.

In the end, the new CRM platform was successfully implemented and integrated with all necessary existing systems, while maintaining all of the functionality of the old system. The response from Telstra was overwhelmingly positive. They were thrilled with the increased efficiency, scalability, and ease of use that the new platform offered, and many commented on how much the integration had helped to streamline their operations.